Parent Participation

The best part of a cooperative program is the opportunity for parental involvement. Parents are encouraged to bring their talents, hobbies, and careers into the center. From teaching a science class to building a table, parents are encouraged to share their interests with our students.

Many parents are nervous about their cooperative role, but it often ends up being their favorite part of the cooperative experience. Beyond being a lot of fun, this special time offers you great insight into your child’s daily experience, helping you connect with your child on a much more meaningful level. This experience allows you to develop a relationship with your child’s team, enabling open communication and a better understanding of your child’s individual needs. It also allows you to get to know the other children and families in the center. Best of all, your child sees that you are involved and invested in his/her education.

Volunteer Hours: Each family must contribute six hours towards school events (e.g. selling baked goods at our Fall Festival, assisting with holiday parties) and classroom showcases (e.g. reading a book to the class, providing a lesson). This 6-hour requirement is a minimum. Having a helpful, cooperative spirit is an essential part of being at Palm Valley Child.

Parent Meetings and Orientation: There are monthly parent meetings. One parent or guardian must attend in order to plan and vote on important issues. One of these meetings includes a mandatory parent orientation. At each monthly meeting, dinner and child-care are provided.