Program Philosophy

We all want the right fit for our children. At Palm Valley Child, we are committed to providing high-quality education and related services in which the uniqueness of each child is valued and understood. We believe each day should include quality academics, movement and physical education, socio-emotional development, family involvement, and recognition of the spirit at the heart of childhood.

We are a team-teaching cooperative program offering small mixed age classes from preschool through elementary. Our center is a cooperative program based on the 4 essential pillars of early intervention: Child, Parent, Education, Therapy.

Our small ratios allow for daily outdoor exploration and project-based learning that connects the student to their daily program of study. We offer enjoy multiple resource classes including: Art, PE, Music, TimberNook, STEAM lab, and Media. Field trips, a minimum of once per month, enrich our learning experiences.


Services focus on the development of academic, social, emotional, and behavioral skills through comprehensive

trans-disciplinary instruction that recognizes and maximizes the individual strengths of each child.