Program Philosophy

We all want the right fit for our children. At Palm Valley Child, we are committed to providing high-quality education and related services in which the uniqueness of each child is valued and understood. We believe each day should include quality academics, movement, socio-emotional development, family involvement, and recognition of the spirit at the heart of childhood.

We are a team-teaching cooperative program offering small mixed age classes from preschool through elementary. Our center is a cooperative program based on the 4 essential pillars of early intervention: Child, Parent, Education, Therapy.

Our small ratios allow for individualized instruction for core academics as well as functional learning skills. We offer multiple resource classes including: Art, PE, Music, TimberNook, and Dinosaur School (our Social Skills Curriculum). On and off site field trips, a minimum of once per month, enrich our learning experiences within the community.

Services focus on the development of academic, social, emotional, and behavioral skills through comprehensive trans-disciplinary instruction that recognizes and maximizes the individual strengths of each child.

Our Model

Our team works to ensure that each child receives an education and treatment targeting their cognitive, social, and emotional needs. We conduct an intake and observational period prior to enrollment to get to know our students and their needs. During this time, if a child is identified as needing additional support, we conduct a more in-depth study including parent interviews and assessments. If we conclude additional services are needed, we will support and guide families through the evaluation process and advocate for a child to receive support services. These services include occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, mental health therapy, applied behavior analysis services, psychiatry, and medication management. We will accommodate approved outside providers in our program to the best of our ability in the space we lend in collaboration. Families join us in this process so the child can receive the support he or she needs. 

If a child’s needs are beyond the school’s resources and training, the school will work with the family to identify a setting where the child’s needs will be met.

What Sets Us Apart

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio:
Students thrive in our intimate and structured environment. Our low student-to-teacher ratio allows our team to implement Prescriptive Education Plans (PEPs) that meet the diverse needs of each student.

Assessment of Progress:
We believe effective, timely and target assessment of progress is critical to success. Our teachers and staff regularly evaluate the progress of each child, assessing the direction and pace of instruction and any related service supports needed to facilitate progress.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports:
We provide a vast range of positive behavioral supports that encourage students to maintain their focus on cooperation, completion of tasks and appropriate social interactions.
For students who need additional support, individualized behavior intervention plans are developed to help replace problem behaviors. Behavior specialists are assigned to each student to monitor treatment effectiveness.

Learning Model:
At Palm Valley Child, we recognize that each student learns in different ways. That is why our teachers create classrooms that are vibrant, stimulating centers of learning. Our teachers specialize in remediation through individualized and differentiated instruction. These multi-sensory classrooms draw students into lessons regardless of whether they are visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners. Our students engage with challenging course material, authentic-learning opportunities and enriching co-curricular activities that support and cultivate their varied interests and talents.

Campus Life:
Throughout the year, students participate in various extracurricular activities designed to enhance their school experiences. Examples include community-based trips and holiday or theme-related activities

Our Team:
Our staff includes highly trained special educators, curriculum specialists, related service providers and paraprofessional staff who receive ongoing training in evidence-based practices. Among our staff specialties are: aquatic instruction, art and music therapy, behavioral supports, counseling and mental health services, psychiatry, physical therapy, psychology and speech-language pathology.