Stacy Bowen

Art Teacher

Stacy earned a B.A in Fine Arts from the University of North Florida with an emphasis on painting and drawing. She is a Florida Certified Teacher and has over 10 years of teaching experience in elementary and preschool art in private schools in Jacksonville. As a visual artist herself, she loves a variety of mediums including collage, watercolor, and stained glass.

Stacy believes art should be fun! She has a lifelong passion for the visual arts and Art Education. She feels children should be free to express themselves in visual ways, and it is her goal to provide a safe, caring environment that facilitates these life skills with great artistic experiences. Stacy also has a love for the outdoors that spills over into her artistic aesthetics. She loves to hike, kayak, and just be outside with her family. Stacy is excited to be a part of the Collage Day School community and she’s thankful to have the opportunity to work alongside her son who is also a student at Collage Day School.