Leslie Johnson

Elementary Instructor


Leslie holds a child development associate credential from the Childcare Education Institute/University of Cincinnati. Leslie has over a decade of experience as a lead teacher at private local preschools and is VPK-certified. She has nearly two decades providing clinic and home-based ABA services and school consultations. Leslie worked several summers as a behavior therapist at Jacksonville School for Autism. She taught seven years at The Keystone Academy/Mainspring Academy and started teaching there during their inaugural year. While at Keystone/Mainspring Leslie oversaw training and implementation of Tools of the Mind (TOTM), Early Literacy and Learning Model (ELLM), and Visualizing and Verbalizing curricula.  She has seen lots of success stories in her classroom over the years.  Leslie is a firm believer in using music to teach. She is a licensed instructor with “Music Together LLC.” When she’s not at school, you will find Leslie on the beach with the family.